About Me

I don't like to define myself. I resisted definition for years even on my yearly taxes. When the form asked for my occupation I wrote things like Renaissance woman, future artist, llama wrangler, poet. Every year when I mailed my forms in I imagined a tax collector smiling.

I don't like being bound by definition or occupation. I am. Just as you are. We are not what we do. We are

My Mom would appreciate a clear definition.

I love teaching and learning with teenagers. I am a teacher. I have worked in high schools for nearly twenty years. Currently I teach English full-time to both ninth and eleventh graders.

I am a parent of a voracious reader. He's immersed in Nerdcrafteria at this writing. We are both Nerdfighters. He's eleven and amazing. I am a wife to a hard-working man who knows how to wield a whisk and work an air compressor. I am a daughter, a sister, a dog lover, an Auntie. I am a writer and a speaker and a poetry evangelist. I am a coach and a Gladiator.

I am all sorts of things. Aren't you?

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