Saturday, March 4, 2017

Play Ball

There's Florida-cool breeze today: mid-low seventies in the shade. Sky blue for miles and miles, cumulus vanishing into the pale of horizon. 

The Atlanta Braves are playing the Florida Marlins. I'm basically cheering for both teams. I spent time in Atlanta growing up and they spring train here, so we're wearing red, white and blue for the Braves, but the Marlins are a home-state team too. We are cheering all the good work on this gorgeous field. 

We have great seats in section 209 of Champion Stadium at Disney's ESPN Wide World of Sports Stadium. Note to self, these seats are perfect for the sun sensitive. We had less than an hour of full sun and now we are made in the shade. We of the Irish appreciate sitting in the no sun burn section!

There's a lot to love about this sunny Saturday.

I love spending time with family.
I love listening to the chatter and laughter.
The stories, I love.
The sweepers and keepers of the diamond clay, the harlequin pattern of green in the field, love and love.
I love imagining all of the work behind the game.
I love the saxophone  quartet and between inning shenanigans.

Kids with gloves held high grabbing for foul balls, love.
That the Braves use the Seminoles' fight song, love.
I love the players' lean lines, the stretch as they swing, catch and throw.
The crack of the bat, I love too.

Such a good idea this Saturday game, Ghee! 

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