Sunday, March 6, 2016

Soul Skate

So, we celebrated my 50th a few weeks early. I rented the skating rink and invited friends and family to come skate with me. I love to skate. I have been skating at this rink since I was eight and out to earn my girl scout skating badge. My son has been skating here since he was four.  We go once or twice a month -- and dance and skate and sing. It makes our hearts happy. 

I still can't get over how much fun it was to have the DJ playing our requests and  
to have the rink to ourselves. 

There was this ... my friend Lee skating with me...

and this... my niece visiting from winter, 

and this ... lots of skating and dancing.

I have my arms up-- full on joy here...  and a "race"

Matt said I had to skate back wards, so I did...

Friends skating together, some for the first time... 

 and teacher friends making memories... 

and sisters...


I had such a great birthday skate!  My brother is here thru Tuesday. We had a fun family afternoon today, drawing on the porch, eating dinner and digging in to yummy cake and ice cream. I have not slowed down enough to really write--but the stories are stocking up. 

Soul = full = love


  1. What a joyous way to celebrate your birthday! I love the picture of you waving your arms. Happy Birthday, Lee Ann!

  2. Happy birthday! I used to skate at Skate City and all over the neighborhood. I believe I'd fall right over if I tried it now. Memories!

  3. I loved seeing some of these on FB, so glad you had a fabulous celebration, Lee Ann. Happy Birthday one more time!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your 50th. Happy birthday!

    P.S. The 50's are a great decade.

  5. You are right - pure joy on your face. And you are totally rocking those skates. I am glad you were celebrating your 50th the way you wanted to - Happy Birthday!


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