Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Eats

We are in a city of horn honking and hawking, of cement and steel, crowds and quiet. I am still in Shanghai shock--in awe of the city. We've  been here a week. 

Easter evening is ending at home, but here Monday has begun. I have hosted Easter dinner for family and friends since the early 1990s. This Easter we are away. 

Were we at home, the Easter menu would include a ham, Southern corn, fresh green beans stir fried with onion and garlic, all the good sides and family. Grandparents, sometimes friends too gather around our Easter table at home. 

Here, we three made a trip to one of Rick's favorite spots: Liquid Laundry.

We had a good wander. Tulips are blooming.

And we came across a couple of cool statues on the street: a girl at a phone booth and some sort of hippo-elephant-snail creature. 

Liquid Laundry is near (or in) the French Concession area of the city. The gorgeous tree-lined streets, cafes and boutiques made for a pretty walk.

The restaurant was in full Gospel Brunch mode when we arrived: glorious. We ordered drinks while we waited for a table and enjoyed the music.

We ended up at a warm table in the window, a perfect observation spot.
Rick orderd a lamb flat bread with house-made lamb sausage and I indulged in avocado smash toast with crispy maple bacon.

The salt flake on the side presented well and added just the kick in taste. 

Collin ordered a barbecue, shredded pork pizza. Steamy hot and spicy with jalepenos and pickled cabbage, boy was it good.

We had a wonderful Easter brunch and a good five mile wander. 

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