Sunday, March 20, 2016

City Tour

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Rick gave us the new arrivals tour of Shanghai today. We started at the Nanpu Bridge fabric market. Rick and Collin each ordered shirts made. Fancy shirts with contrasting fanbrics lining the collars and cuffs. 

I ordered an orange coat and a couple of skirts with mixed patterns. I did not see a way to buy fat quarters or loose fabric for quilting, but I'm keeping my eyes peeled. Linda helped me with the coat and fabrics.

I ordered this dress--smoth, heavy knit--with a dropped waist. It will be ready next week.

From the market we headed on the train to the Bund. One side of the river is old Shanghai and one side new.

First stop, the Fairmont Peace Hotel. Oh, it smells gorgeous inside-- some blend of citrus and bergemont. 

We walked the hallway of fame and read the placard histories. 
Once on the street we walked along the river a bit. The flower wall is a bloom with Johnny Jump Ups and Pansies.

We left the river-side park to explore the "real China," Rick said. We wound our way through noisy, back streets on our way to Yu Garden.

Lots of laundry and fish in buckets,
and vegetable markets
and alley ways-- all new and strangely wonderful.
Built in the 1559 during the Ming Dynasty of slick stone and rock, Yu Garden, in the old city of Shanghai, houses many pavillions. Rick nooks, water ways and flowering trees wind through the ancient garden. 

From the garden we headed back to the river to lunch at Paulaner, a German Brauhaus, on the river. 

The pretzel tree was fantastic. Rick and Collin enjoyed the duck-fat spreads. We walked for seven hours today; pollution was light and the sun was warm. What a wonderful landing tour Rick gave us. Tomorrow we're heading to Bejing. 


  1. China? You're in China? I guess we have been out of touch for a bit. I loved the images that told the story, Lee Ann. I look forward to updates from Beijing ... if the Great Wall lets you access your blog.

  2. This is fantastic. I've never been to China. I love your description and that you ate German food in China! I am looking forward to reading more as you continue your travels!

  3. Wow! This seems like it's an amazing trip! Love all of the pictures and stories!

  4. Fun times...and they have orange!

  5. Beautiful pics. Love the dress and the bug hug you're giving China! I read another China trip post this morning w/ a much different tone. Enjoy the family time and travels.

  6. I lived in China for four years--your pictures of "real China" are so accurate. It makes me miss my China home. THanks for the memories!

  7. Awww...such memories! I lived in Shanghai for 5 years, from 2010 until last June. Your post brought back lots of memories and helped me reminisce today! Thank you!
    My blog site is

  8. Thank you for giving us armchair travelers a wonderful glimpse of Shanghai! I love the pictures and captions. It looks like a wonderful experience.


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