Tuesday, January 1, 2013

One Little Word: Be

My  word for 2013: be
"What Bee Did"    by Julie Larios is a poem that has buzzed around my ears since last spring. I read it for Poem in Your Pocket day to my students. I love the word play:
"Bee not only buzzed.When swatted at, Bee deviled,
Bee smirched. And when fuddled,
like many of us, Bee labored, Bee reaved."
Isn't that like so many of us? Instead of just being or letting be we are bedeviled, besmirched, befuddled or bereaved. Instead of waiting, resting in faith we belabor. We distract ourselves. We avoid. We run. We work. We do.

I've never participated in a one word , word up or one little word challenge, but I was inspired by Ruth Ayres' artwork on this  post on Two Writing Teachers in mid-December. I was struck by Ruth's word salt and the verse on her artwork Mathew 5:13 . I love the layers in the piece, the suggested texture and grain--the simplicity of black and white and it's connection to the word's form on our tables. I have been reading and thinking about the one little word challenge since.

I share my wonderings. I talk. I speculated about the one word thing with friends, with other Moms, with my Mom, with people at church, in the bookstore and at the market.  I decided to take Ali Edwards' workshop. A friend registered with me.

Last night at a New Year's Even celebration I was talking to someone I'd just met about the challenge and sharing Ruth's story of salt. When she asked what word I'd chosen it was clear: be.  "Be still and know...(Psalm 46:10)" was her reply. We shared a smile and then talked about being as opposed to doing.

It's going to be an amazing year.
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