Saturday, July 7, 2012

Food Favorites

Having fresh ingredients on hand makes all the difference in what I eat. So this week, I used the blender to make some fresh herb cubes. I whipped rosemary and parsley together with just a bit of water (1/2 cup to a cup maybe). I spread the smoothied herbs into an ice tray and froze them. Delicious when I'm stir frying chicken or making salad dressing, I can defrost in the microwave and mix in!  

A shopping goal for my summer is to do most if not all of our grocery shopping at a local meat and produce market. The prices are fantastic. Forty three dollars last week bought a plank of salmon, 12 boneless skinless chicken breasts, a package of ground turkey and a wealth of fresh fruits an d vegetables. There I get twelve limes for three dollars. I am in love with lime. I use it in marinates, salad dressing, and drinks. The dinner salad pictured combined 1/2 chicken breast, a roma tomato, snow peas, broccoli, 1/4 avocado and a lime dressing. I got the lime dressing idea from my friend Kristin. Combine the juice of one lime with a bit of olive oil (I think I did a 1 to 1 ratio), add fresh herb (I used the rosemary and parsley), add garlic (optional), salt and fresh ground pepper. It's delicious and I only need a tablespoon the flavor is so intense.
Last but not least, aren't these mini-molds fun? I love my rainbow colors. They come in packs of four, so I got two.  They are the perfect size for portioning the large jello box: 8 servings, 80 calories. I don't bother taking them out of the mold to eat (though for a dinner party that would be fun). I think they will pack well in a cooler for the beach! Sugar free jello breaks my dependence on Eddy's Tangerine Popsicle. My friend Beth and I came across them in the Baldwin Park Publix last week.  I wonder what would happen if I froze them? 

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