Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Driving Miss Daisy

Saturday afternoon I found an ad for a black and white Shih Tzu girl. I'd been looking for about a month and dreaming of a new dog since soon after Lilly passed. I emailed the breeder about visiting and she replied, "How about tomorrow?"

Sunday found us driving north west on on 417and 408 and the Turnpike to 75. It was a day trip. We left prepared, pocket ready, money in hand. It was good we made the drive prepared.

Papers signed, photos taken we loaded up for the drive home. Rick, Collin and I played name that puppy nearly all the way.

"What about Tipsy?"
"No! Turtle? Turtle's fun."
"Those aren't flowers. I want a flower name, like..."
"Lil Sucker? She's tiny that fits."
"Dad! We're not calling her Sucker!"
"Ivy's nice. Put that one on the list, Collin."
"Skunky! Thorn? How about Thistle?"
"No! Daisy!"
"Mom, you've been calling her Daisy for weeks. She's already Daisy isn't she?"
"She might be."
"What about Bean?"
"Bean is cute."
"She is tiny."

And so it went as we drove home from the Breeder's place with our new puppy. It was a long drive, so Rick entertained us with funny dog names: Lickey, Tripy, Chompy, Lil Sucker. He's good at getting our goat. Collin called a family vote once we reached the north side of town. He'd narrowed the list down and Daisy Bean won. She's maybe 3 pounds and has spring loaded little legs. She's met all of the grand parents and thankfully slept a solid six hours last night!

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