Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drawing in Church

I've got a confession to make. I've been drawing in church. It started more than a year ago. A retreat speaker introduced me to Praying in Color. Since, I've drawn my way through nearly 2 accordion Moleskins worth of sermons.

Our church, St. Luke's Lutheran, is celebrating 100 years this year. One part of the celebrations, I've loved are the history presentations. Here's a link to the first 25 years' video. It amazes me think about the families who founded the church in 1911, pooling their resources to get away from the newly industrialized city of Cleveland, Ohio.

As part of the birthday celebration, today's sermon was delivered by the President of the Lutheran Missouri Synod, Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison. He spoke about coming to church with our sacks empty and having that sack filled by the spirit, by Christ. I definitely arrived empty today. Here's what I drew:

Drawing the sermons has connected me to the word in new and different ways.

At the end of our service today, we watched a short video showing the second 25 years (it's not online yet or I'd link it). I wasn't too surprised to see that St. Luke's began a radio ministry in the 1950s. That sort of forward thinking is obvious today in how the church has reached out through the Internet. Services are broadcast live each week. Sermons are archived on the site. The church tweets.

I am sure I will be drawing through many more decades at St. Luke's.

Happy Birthday!


  1. This is such a wonderful way to make the sermons and words you hear at church become personal for you. I love this idea! There is so much detail in your work that has meaning and will likely be more easily remembered because of your creative input in your art. It sounds like you have a church filled with blessings all around. Thanks for sharing this good news!

  2. Have you shared these with your minister. I foresee a exhibition for you at the end of the year. As always, I love your notebooks and art.


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