Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What Are You Teaching Your Children?

What am I teaching my child? I think about that a lot. I'm sure most mothers do. It's echoed in my mind lately though. What am I teaching Collin about work? What am I teaching Collin about the computer? What am I teaching Collin about giving back?

This past week was Project for Awesome. If you don't know, P4A is an event where Nerdfighters (John and Hank Green's band of smart people) take over YouTube and Twitter in an effort to spread awareness about charities. You can find out all you want to know about Project for Awesome at their home page or dip into my earlier teacher-posts.  I also wrote about how I used Project for Awesome with students here.

Collin and I follow the Vlogbrothers on YouTube. We have all of Hank's albums from DFTBA Records. He's watched me participate in Project for Awesome for two years and this year he participated too. Saturday, though I was under the weather, we hunkered down in the studio and got to commenting. Collin started by watching the video bursts at P4A main site. Mid-video he stops and says, "Mom? What't the doobly do?" Doobly do (though I'm not sure how to spell it) is John Green's word for the description box that appears below a YouTube video--the box where you can add links and information about the video you post. Doobly do is Collin's new favorite word.

We set up his YouTube account and I showed him how to like, rate, favorite, and comment. We bought raffle tickets (Collin really wanted to win John's Nerdfighter glasses) and spent the afternoon talking about charities and videos. He "DFTBA's" his way through video after video, but what did I like best? His replies to my comments.
Definitely a pink stone day.


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