Saturday, October 9, 2010

Art & Flower Moments Today

Today Collin and I went to the Winter Park Fall art festival. Picture the park running the length of much of Park Avenue. White art tents, sculpture, painting , splashes of color smeared on canvas. I snuck a couple of pictures but dare not post them. I wanted to remember  the ideas and work from them at home in the studio. What delighted me though was what Collin said as we curved through a park amidst the photo tents: "I didn't know photography could be art." The wonder in his voice, seeing art through his eyes, definitely pink stone.

Mom and Dad gave Collin a camera last year for Christmas. We takes lots of pictures and go out to intentionally shoot occasionally. It's time for another picture safari. Maybe Animal Kingdom? The weather has just turned (hopefully I won't jinx it by saying so). Maybe we'll head someone interesting tomorrow or maybe I'll challenge him to carry his camera in his pocket and shoot wherever we land.

I haven't taken many photographs lately--well, not counting Nana's 100th birthday celebration, but that's a story all it's own. I thought I'd add a picture of the flowers Rick  brought home from work today (gorgeous left overs). Seems we were of one mind as I'd bought home flowers today too. I need to learn how to photograph reds better though. The Gerber daisies defied the lens and keep blurring together, but  these are the flowers.

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