Sunday, June 13, 2010

What Story Are You Living?

I just finished an amazing book, A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller. Miller takes the elements of story--exposition, conflict, resolution and the like--and applies these to his life and his walk with God. The English teacher in me loves the concept, but my spirit loves the story.

In the story you meet Bob Goff. an amazing real-life person who transformed what his children deemed the most boring of all holidays, New Year's Day, into a family/community parade and celebration. The parade has continued for ten years. That is the most whimsical of stories about Goff, others are awe-inspiring. Like the time he had his children write world leaders and invite them to spend the night and be interviewed about their hopes for the world. Amazing stuff these stories.

Miller's essential questions revolve around the kind of story do you want to live and how you go about connecting with life and God in order to live it. As he says, "Great stories go to those who don't give in to fear" (108).

I've been wanting to change my family story for some time now. Act more. Adventure more and serve more. I've always wanted to bike across Florida--or walk even, but biking seems like an easier first step (a practice story as Miller might say). Rick and Collin and I have talked about the trip, how many days it might take. We've talked about causes we'd be interested in raising money for with such a trip, but we haven't gone beyond the dreamy dinner table plans. Miller's story seems to say "get out there--get going--create the story you want to live." I'm listening. It's a push in the right direction.

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