Sunday, June 20, 2010


Have you ever been to a bus race? Crash-a-rama is an event, I'm telling you. Old school buses do figure eights around a short track in opposite directions. Thus the crash factor comes into play as they meet head-on in the middle of the eight. There are several warm-up events. The boat race has been first in the past. No, boats are not fitted with engines. Instead they are dragged behind a stock car sans trailer and the crowd cheers as they disintegrate; debris flies. The destruction is incredible and the crowd? Always interesting to watch. Usually there are a few stunts too. The last time I took Rick to Crash-a-rama (a birthday gift to him), an old Cadillac attempted to knock over a school bus that was standing on end--the car just rammed right into it. Very primitive these events.

Since I am working out of town, Rick and Collin went to the buses races for a little father-son time. They kept me up to speed by texting me messages and pictures.

Text messages (along with my thinking) from last night's fete went like this:

We rode a race bus! (Do they have seat belts on those things?)
Lots of buck tooth here (Only had 1 buck tooth or a matching set?)
Larry the Cable Guy is here (Well he is from Sanford.)
Elvis jumped 3 buses! (Elvis? Elvis is at the race track?!)

With the last text I event got a fiery picture. Elvis is the name of the stock car and maybe the driver, I'm not sure. Rick assured me he survived the Evil Knieval like attempt.

I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get the picture from my not-so-smart phone that does not connect to my computer or the internet. I'd love a new phone, but I'm frugal. So I did a little research.

I found a helpful list of mashable tools for sharing pics on twitter and figured if I could get the photo online, I could save it. Seems I used to be able to bluetooth connect the phone to the computer before this one to share files, but alas, no longer. I settled on Mobypicture, so above is Elvis jumping the buses. What was the fire? Perhaps an explosion for dramatic effect? I wonder.

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