Friday, May 28, 2010

Are you going in reverse?

Who knew drills could go forwards and backwards? I not overly fond of power tools. I think it's a trust issue. I don't trust myself with them. Awkward and clumsy don't mix well with electric current and rpms. Once when sanding small wooden heart shapes (I was making Christmas ornaments one year), the belt sander caught my long sleeve and ate it. The sander scrambled clear up to my shoulder before I could yank the cord out of the wall. I wasn't hurt, no lost skin, no wound. I just knew I'd be in trouble. It was an expensive belt sander--industrial even. I couldn't figure out how to get the sleeve out of the sander, so I had to walk in with it perched on my right shoulder and explain. I have used power tools since.

Lately though, I've wanted to do it myself. Not saw or anything that could take off an appendage, but just drill some holes. Lucky for me, my husband already has a drill that is semi-broken, so knowing no harm would come to it, he hooked me up with a 1/16th drill bit and battery power.

I've been drilling things for days--mostly old bakelite dominoes. Who knew 1/4 inch bakelite would be so tough? I broke 4 drill bits before I realized I was drilling in reverse. You can drill in revserse? Apparently you can--it just takes longer and there is smoke involved. When I switched directions the drill went through that bakelite with ease. It's amazing how things go smoothly when you're going in the right direction!