Saturday, February 6, 2010

365 Progress

Do you ever need just one thing? One thing for yourelf--a you-only fun thing? Truth be told I have several (art days, reading afternoons, cooking with collin) but my one new daily thing is this 365 photo project. For the project, you post a picture each day to flickr and if you belong to a group you put it into the group pool as well.

No matter the work at school or the laundry piling up at home or the various and other sundry projects on my plate, I have a picture a day in my mind. A creative escape. I'm not as timely as the rules recommend, but I am taking pictures--everyday. I'm starting to see things in pictures and notice shapes, color and the curve of lines. It feels as if I'm getting back to an essence I had before I got so busy. That, I like.

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