Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Daily Shoot

Have you seen the Daily Shoot? It's a daily photo challenge posted online each morning and then collected through twitter hashtags throughout the day. The deal is that you take a picture, then tweet a link to the picture to @dailyshoot with the hashtag for the day's assignment. A hashtag includes the number sign and a word or letters. On twitter you can search for a hashtag and see what everyone has to say about that particular topic. It's neat and something I'm just figuring out how to leverage to get the most information from a variety of sources at one time. But aside from that techie stuff, today's hashtag is #ds52 (I guess there have have been 52 daily shoot challenges, but I've only done a few over the past few days). I've been using to prod my thinking for the 365 photography project I've undertaken.

This morning I told my students about the 365 project and they suggested I take a picture of my home-made light-box. Of course, they didn't say home-made (they said ghetto light-box), but that's because they know about the old pillow case I used to make the sides and the left over white spray paint I found in the garage that I used to coat the interior.

You see, I created the light-box last month, so that I could take pictures of my artwork (mini-collages) in order to post them on Etsy to sell. I need some nice, clear pictures of my collages and thought I'd like them against a white background. So, I looked up how to make a light box online. I, of course, call it a light box, but according to my research and reading the real term is light tent. .

Though I didn't like the picture of the light box for today's 365 photo, I did want to write about it. For today's 365 picture I used another shot. While playing with the lights to set up the shot of the light box, I discovered that the little quartz light that came with a "real" light tent that my Dad gave me for Christmas makes cool light patterns on the wall, so for today's 365 I used the image of shot of the quartz light.

I love the real light tent gift that Dad gave me. I think what I love best about it is that he noticed. He noticed I was working at doing something, something creative, something photographic (a talent of his) and he gave me a gift that would help me do it. I haven't quite figured out the real light tent yet and it doesn't quite fit on the shelf like my home-made one does, but I know I'll be using both of them and learning a lot about light in the process.

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