Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Book Club

We could have called it Tart-a-Palooza, like Julie Powell's description of the tart fest she cooked up in Julie & Julia, but it's just book club. After a year of invites, I finally went to a teacher book club this past week. I used to belong to one a decade ago, it seems. It was fun. We met at Panera--teacher friends and family. My mom used to go with me. The book club I went to Sunday is a little different from my earlier foray into book clubs. Instead of meeting at a restaurant they meet at a member's house. Members host one meeting a year and do all that cooking for that meeting (dinner, drinks and treats). So you only work to put it on once a year; the rest of the time you relax.

Sunday's book was Julie & Julia. The possibility of French food prepared from scratch was a huge incentive for going to book club. That and I knew Rebecca, Lee and Beth would be there. Rebecca cooked for a week. She learned how to make pastry crust in a food processor! How cool is that? It sounds cool to me because I don't go near pastry. I have a residual memory of home-made pastry in my collective unconscious-- I'm sure--but I've never made it. My mom's made it.

Me? I buy the frozen stuff, thaw it and roll. Maybe I'll try it. Rebecca made lots of pastry for the tarts she baked us: mushroom and cheese, fresh tomato, bacon and onion. Buttery. Did I mention the butter? Close to 4 pounds I think was the shout out from the kitchen, but who's counting. Instead of water weight this week I'll put on butter weight.

Delectable. Delicious. Definitely worth it.

Maybe next post, I'll actually talk about the book!

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