Friday, May 29, 2009

Diaries & Journals

School's Out! Collin is going to be a 3rd grader! We enjoyed wearing his book covers on our heads on the way home from school the other day--I think we had Meme in stitches. Collin told me on our ride that he has summer homework: reading, logging his reading and journaling. I told him that sounded more like summer "fun-work" to me.

He brought home a journal that he'd been given to decorate--it looks cool and I sure wanted to write in it! I showed him a teacher friend's Artifact Journals as we talked about what he'd write in his. He said he's supposed to write what he does over the summer. That led to us talking about diaries versus journals. Of course, Collin sees diaries as very girlie, something he wants to avoid at all costs. I chuckled, but in my mind I thought about the ways I could nudge him toward writing beyond "what I did today."

* * *

I've officially finished my first week of summer vacation with Collin. It feels like Christmas getting to spend so much time together, well an unusually global warming type of Christmas if you were to go by the temperature outside. I've been trying to make writing a part of our day. We spend a little time after breakfast writing in our journals. I have started my own artifact journal and Collin is writing and drawing pictures. It is not his favorite thing to do, so I am trying very hard just to sink into my own writing and model for him instead of slipping into teacher-director mode. The other day I wrote a piece about summer fruits and a watermelon he and I'd brought home. When I finished my piece, I read it to him aloud thinking he'd like the story. He did and right then he decided to write about the watermelon too. I've noticed that his writing is very linear, strictly sequential. It will be interesting to see how it changes over time. If you want to dip into our journals, click on the images. They should open in a new window, full-size.