Saturday, April 11, 2009

Wipe Away Lips

Was it just last week that I gave two surprise parties? A surprise 40th for my friend, Kim and a 70th for my Mom. My Dad really gave the party for Mom, but Jenny (my sister-in-law) and I helped. What with the parties and out of town work scheduled in between, I haven't found much art time lately. I managed to squeeze in a bit last weekend. Jenny and I visited while my niece Charlotte napped. I filled in eyes, lips and hair (lesson five). I'm not too happy with the hair. The brown blob-ish-ness resists dimension. I keep reminding myself that I'm learning! And indeed that is the fun part of this endeavor.

This afternoon I've been working on lesson six: shading with paint crayons! This lesson rather reminds me of one of Collin's favorite picture books, Fortunately, Unfortunately:
Fortunately, I have all of the painting crayon colors I need.
Unfortunately, the color I chose for the lips just wasn't working out.
Fortunately, I can wipe the painting crayons off with a damp paper towel and try

I'm on my fifth or sixth set of lips. I've lost count. I'm going with these.

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