Monday, March 30, 2009

Spread the Word

How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.
~ Anne Frank

Laura Stockman lives Anne Frank's words. Her blog 25 Days to Make a Difference never fails to inspire me to do more for others and our world. Her most recent challenge, a blog carnival on the r-word to promote Spread the Word to End the Word. Blog about the r-word. Tell how it makes you feel and how you will help put an end to it. Leave a comment on her blog with a link to your post and you may win a Flip video camera.

If I were caught up with my reader and feeds I wouldn't have missed this chance with my students, but we are on spring break this week. I can't have them add their voices to my own, but I know how the r-word makes me feel.

Stupid. Idiot. Moron. What are you a re...?

Stop! Don't say it. Language makes a difference. Language can divide or it can unite. Language can lift up a person or it can tear down a person.The r-word, when I hear others say it, makes me feel awful inside. When I was young, stupid was the word my father used when he got frustrated. I hate the word stupid. Every time I hear it, I can hear Dad saying it and I am brought back to some moment where I didn't understand what I was supposed to be doing and I wasn't doing it how he wanted it done. I love my father and we've talked many a time about that s-word. Parents do the best they can and who are we to know what will and will not stick with a child. His intention was to avoid vulgarity, I'm sure. I'm glad he did. Though I know he loves me, loved me even then, and I understand his motivations and all of that now, it sure hurt then.

The r-word does to other people what stupid did to me. It leaves a mark. It tears you down.

Stop using the r-word. Take the pledge today. Share it with your friends. Talk to your kids about it. Don't wait a single minute --do something to make a difference today.

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