Saturday, March 7, 2009

My first art class

You know, I've always wanted to be an artist. Live the art life and have kooky hair--the whole bit.

I figure now is the time to start living more in line with my dreams.

Last summer I devoted every other Friday to "art day." My friend Jennifer came over with her boys--we spent the days creating while the boys ran wild playing.

I've missed it during the school year. There is something to be said for setting aside actual time, a whole day every week and for having a community, even of one, to support you. Commitment and consistency--pledging to be creative once a week gave me time to experiment and develop my art voice and vision. Sometimes, that vision/voice can be pretty quirky and whimsical, but it was such fun to revel in it this past summer.

Jenn and I have both been busy with work and family this school year. Life takes over as does doing for others.

So, for Valentine's day, I signed up for my first ever art class, All About Faces, with Paulette Insall, an artist whose blog has inspired me this past year. We've just started. Our first lesson on sketching a face got me thinking about eyelids and proportions.

One of my classmates, Annette, is blogging her journey, so I thought I'd blog mine too. I've been a big doodler, but never a conscientious sketcher. I'm trying! These first attempts make me chuckle. I'd like to get the eyes even and not tilt the head. What do you think?

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  1. Hi Lee Ann
    thanks for visiting my blog.I really have to finish my 50 faux glass houses today so I can get started with Paulette's class too.I LOVE what you have done so far.I really like the ladies with thier hair sideways and the one with smiling full cheeks.What an adventure this is.Glad you are on the journey too.OH and YES your dh needs to make you a recycled light box like Tim made me LOL.
    Annette In Oz
    PS:you already are the kooky haired artist you want to be you just have to let her out...give her a key OK you will like her :o)


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