Monday, February 16, 2009

Sticking Away

Sticking Away
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The St. Luke's 500 is coming up this week, so Rick, Collin and I spent the day building his race car: a box frame, foam board, tape and, of course, sponsor stickers.

Collin's kindergarten teacher started the St. Luke's 500 three years ago, a thematic unit for grades K-2. Each year it seems we build a new car. Last year's car was blue, sponsored by Star Wars. This year we're green, blue and yellow, sponsored by Domo.

Just last week we camped at the infield of the Daytona Speedway for the Bud Shoot Out. My first infield camping experience was much more fun than I first anticipated! We visited with friends, barbecued, listened to some great music and watched the race from the top of a motor home (very cool). I think the roof of the motor home was Collin's favorite part of the whole experience! Mine was taking time to sit together, laugh and reconnect. Here are a few pictures.