Monday, January 5, 2009

To-Do List Takeover

Eeeck! I realized today that my to-do list is on the verge of taking over.I know, I'm catastrophizing, but today was our first day back to school after winter break, exams are looming and I have a lot to do! I decided to use My Listy gadget on my iGoogle page to get a little organized before getting back to work this evening.

What I did not realize about MyListy is that I can send MyListy to my phone via SMS text messages. How cool is that? It is a neat feature and one I can definitely see using with students. However when I called the number, 1-888-MY-LISTY, the message told me that Listy is adding new features and to call back later. In the meantime I reviewed my settings and sent myself a trial SMS. The list is run together but the items are numbered. How practical is it sms? I can see where a grocery list would be easy, but my lengthy to-dos may not be as practical. Will I review it with my phone? Do you think students would rather get homework information via SMS through something like this or access it themselves online? Just thinking here.

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