Friday, January 30, 2009

Robbie Erhart

A friend's son was killed last weekend in a car accident coming home from an outing with friends. He'd just graduated last year. I didn't teach Robbie but taught his older brother Chris and many of his friends. The Spirit Squad boys are one of Robbie's legacies--Collin called them "wild boys." Boys who ran half naked, bodies painted through many a University High Sporting event. Collin ran with them on occasion at football games and was 4 in this picture.

Tonight's service was tough and wonderful. Wonderful to see the lives Robbie touched and the love the community is showing for him and his family, but tough, very hard to see a mother lose her son. I don't have words for that; nothing can describe that kind of heart break.

A teacher friend of mine who's currently teaching in Fort Myers came up to give one of the eulogies. Lisa said that though we teachers wish we would make an impression on kids, so often it's the kids that really leave their mark on us. Indeed they do.

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  1. That is so tragic. People who criticize teachers have no idea of how much love in invested. On the parts of teacher and of kids. xxoo


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