Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Want to Play?

I'm not much of a gamer. My rounds of Pac-Man in a neighborhood Pizza Hut probably would never qualify me as a top scorer, but I used to enjoy it. I have almost no idea how to work the controls on Collin's PlayStation; truth be told some of the graphics are too fast for me. I think they might even give me a headache. So, I don't play videogames much. Through my twitter network, I happened upon Jumbli last week. (I love learning from my PLN!)
Have you played it yet? It's like scrabble, but with floating letters that look like lotto balls. You create a word and text it to the Jumbli number, 87884. Once it receives your word it remakes it on the screen. Eventually, you "go live" and the words you send in flash on the Jumbli billboard in Times Square. Collin and I played over the weekend. Okay, I kept saying I would let him text the word, but I never actually handed over the phone. Sheesh, let me try it was what I was thinking. Next time I'll do a better job of sharing. It's a fun game and one that I could see using in class for word play. Of course then we'd have to acknowledge that our cell phones can be tools for learning, right?

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