Monday, October 13, 2008


(click the picture to see the details; it's pencil)

My son has been making voting posters--unprompted posters mind you. We do watch the morning news each day, but Rick and I don't talk much politics with or in front of Collin. The other day I was working on something before school when he came into my office/studio and said "Look Mom I made a 'don't vote for McCain' poster!" In typical Collin style, he featured a stick man mid page with scribble-scrabble messy hair. Above the figure he wrote: "Don't vote for McCain!" (spelled mecain) Then he noted that McCain would raise taxes by many, many dollars (he kept upping the amount actually as we talked about it, erasing and rewriting). He got into the sling thing by writing "Not nice. So mean. So very mean." and such in the left margin and pointing arrows at the stick McCain. When I asked him why he didn't like McCain he said he didn't think he was very nice because he wants to keep the war going and we have to pay for his health insurance. I tried to reasoning him into more specfics but we got hung up on health insurance. Definitely a hearty issue. Seven year old wisdom for sure, but it certainly sounds like he's been listening to someone or something.

Collin's voting posters (he's since made one promoting Obama) reminded me of friend Kelly's post featuring the Don't Vote video from YouTube--thought I'd include it here in case you missed it.

her blog last week: Don't Vote. Don't miss it--it's one to get you thinking.

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