Monday, October 13, 2008

Spiritual Things

This past week was at the St. Luke's womens' retreat in St. August, we talked about "living intentionally" and shared a few favorite verses.

I have a few verses marked in my Bible, but I haven't committed to any. I do have a favorite hymn from my childhood--from Sundays spent in Catholic Mass, the refrain goes something like this: "Be not afraid. I go before you always. Come follow me, and I will give you rest." It's a reminder to me, that things will work out and that someone has always gone before me--that I am never alone. As a woman I fight that--the following along kind of thing. I want to be in control. I want to make my own plan. I want to be in charge or demanding like the speaker in this poem...

Rick Armstrong shared this clip with us at the womens' retreat. Rather striking I thought.

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  1. Hi, Leeanne, It's Olivia. I'm catching up on blogposts right before I go to school this morning while my son is having a "crisis"--he left his bookbag in his dad's truck, and Dad, of course, is halfway to work! I really need some help with that idea of "living intentionally" myself. Would you post or send me some of your Bible verses? I could use the jumpstart again! Gotta get back to my Bible study, too, on living a contented life by Lucy Swindoll. Thanks. Have a great week!


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