Sunday, October 26, 2008

Birthday Fezzes

Collin, Dan
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I will never forget the afternoon my parents and I spent trying to figure out how to make a fez. One afternoon Collin and I were playing on the floor with his plush Sassy stacking cups. I loved the bold colors and geometric designs and thought something like, Hmmm, this would make a cool birthday fez. Once I said it out loud, my Dad was on it. he sat down at the kitchen table with an old newspaper and started trying to figure out a pattern for a fez. Mom and I joined him and we cut and wrapped and taped and laughed. We figured it out and I went immediately to Michael's and bought supplies. We soon had a dozen fezzes in a variety of colors and themes. I love them--they are fun to wear and fun to make. When my girlfriend, Beth's daughter turned 1, I was surprised (and delighted) when she asked me to make Hope birthday fezzes. Her daughter, Hope, enjoyed all things fuffy and soft (feather boas and velvet trims) and so for her first birthday she got some totally tricked out birthday fezzes.

Guess what?

People are selling party hats on Esty. Birthday hats! Perusing the web this morning, I came across a cool blog, Sweet Mady's Paper and was taken in by the birthday finds posting. This just makes me think more and more about the whimsy shop I want to open on Etsy... we'll see.

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  1. Tricked out birthday fezzes?? Sounds fabulous! Charlotte would LOVE one! ;)


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