Saturday, October 18, 2008


Okay, so closets are not the bane of my existence, but they certainly could be described as a surly sticking point. I'm too busy to organize closets. Who isn't? I would always rather do something else! Cluttered and jumbled, many of the closets in our house probably function as dust bunny habitats. A few weeks ago, Rick and I reorganized the master closet. I painted; he added shelves. It came out well and it's so nice to go in there in the morning and actually find clothes that fit me. I even have a step stool--definitely recommended for the vertically challenged.

Today I decided to tackle the office/studio closet. I filled 3 contractor grade garbage bags with stuff. Junk I hadn't used or looked at in who knows how long. My motto today? Just pitch it! Thought I'd take a picture and share, since the doors are off you can really see all the cleeeaan space! I don't think I've seen the floor in that closet for three yearsCollin and I keep a word wall on the doors, but the sticky notes were falling off, so I painted the doors with magnetic paint. They will be ready to rehang tomorrow perhaps.

The guest room closet is next.Beware, it's pretty ugly! My goal? Clear the floor!

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  1. I'm so envious Lee Ann, I don't even have a closet, just a (very small) three drawer chest. And this has to house all my clothes! Thanks for your comment on the Halloween Blog, I will of course enter your name. Good luck


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