Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Such a Chicken

I spent a little time exploring Second Life tonight. I visited ISTE Island, Literature Alive! and a few other spots in-world. I took a balloon tour. I jumped. I read billboards. I explored. I was showing a teacher friend with whom I'm staying for a conference Second Life and telling her about going to virtual workshops in-world. I wanted to find a place with people talking, so that she could get the full experience, but I didn't happen across any people. My friend went to bed, but I kept exploring, flitting here and there (literally teleporting is the command in Second Life) when I finally came across a group of people talking.

There were at least 3 voices, 2 men and a woman and they were talking about how you control the movements of your avatar. I thought, Yes! finally a conversation that I can learn something from! But where are the people? My mini-map in-world told me that they were next to me. Really, my "you are here" yellow dot was surround by the green life dots of other in-worlders, but where were they? I spun around. I looked up? I walked to what looked like the edge of a deck. I couldn't find them. Finally I flew. I like flying in Second Life because I can see more from the air. Once airborne, I realized I was above the people. They were inside a ground floor room that was open to the outside which was why I could hear them. I relaxed. I landed on the roof. I kept listening. In the middle of their conversation about camera controls, I heard one say,
"There's someone on the roof."

Someone on the roof I thought spinning around I looked as I felt my heart rate kick up a notch. I spun around looking. There wasn't anyone on the roof--well, anyone but me that is. I was on the roof. And of course I'd felt quite safe on the roof listening to this conversation. Suddently, another voice said, "we can aim our cameras and see up on the roof, then." And that was all it took. My heart sped up and I quickly escaped.

Click,click, I X'd out of the program and ran into the next room here (in real life) laughing about my close call. My close call as a Second Life wall flower. You'd think it would be easier to meet virtual people than it is real live, but it isn't. You'd think you could just strike up a conversation and say, "hello!" Not me. I am such a chicken!

And the cherry on top? When I go back in-world, I will reappear right where I was. Poof, she's there. Poof, she's gone. Let's just hope that when I do go back, I'll introduce myself, right?

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