Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Delightful

I love being an honorary "Ellis sister." I have a brother, but no "real" sisters. I met Kristin Ellis at Eckerd's Drug Store. I was in the 11th grade. A senior, she'd started working at Eckerds before I did--she seemed glamourous. We've been friends since. Kristin has two sisters whom I adore. They are such fun women that every time I see them I wonder why I haven't seen them sooner?!

Last weekend Rick, Collin and I had dinner with Stacy, Erin and her family. Erin's husband, Jeff, is the fireman whose station we toured last December.

Erin, Stacy and I sat on the back porch, sipped wine and shared. Like me, Erin's been thinking more about doing things that matter like spending time with people you love. She's even taking guitar lessons! How did we all get so distracted by work? How nice is it to just sit and talk? To just be-- it was delightful, I can tell you.

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