Saturday, September 6, 2008

It's Nothing

We have a little mold where the water came in during Tropical Storm Fay. We think we can just cut out that portion of drywall, replace it and then redo that section of molding. That should . Honestly, it's nothing. Have you been folllowing what's happened in Haiti? Haiti's flooding as a result of recent storms has wiped out hundreds of families' homes and taken many lives. Here are a few images I culled from the web (linked back to original source)

What do we have to worry about really?


  1. So glad that Fay did no more damage to your home than it did. My heart does go out to those who have suffered such losses. We're in the midlands of SC, and so hurricanes are not "major" events, although we were worried about Hanna for a little while--enough to cause the local high schools to play their Friday night games on Thursday night! That being said, we are so grateful for the rain the storms have brought us. I might just have a few fresh tomatoes for the rest of the summer and into early fall.

  2. @Oliva,
    Great news! I'm glad Hana didn't cause you all any trouble up there--the tomatoes sound like a bonus!


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