Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sync and Connect

Collin and I went to Cypress Creek's first football game this week at Disney's Wide World of Sports stadium. Cypress played a state ranked team from Colorado. Who knew that high school sports are now being turned into "premier high school sporting events"? A company brings teams to Disney to compete. This week it was Monarc high school from Colorado. While the teams were warming up (after a lightening delay), Collin spotted a cool cloud saying, "look at that cool cloud!" I wished I had my camera, but I was able to snap a shot with my cell. The picture doesn't do the cloud justice--it was literally lit up gold from behind and gorgeously outlined and glowing. I was tickled that Collin spotted it! I have just figured out how to pair my cell phone with my MacBook, so this picture, poor as it is, was taken with my cell phone.

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