Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

Tropical Storm Fay is stalled out just 30 minutes or so from our house. The rain was constant last night, gusty winds and pelting rain battering the windows. I'm hoping our septic tank holds out...yeesh. So far so good, only the chickens are swamped, but they're still laying eggs! The white birds (Old Salty, Sugar and Honey) are just muddy, drooping with rain.

With so much rain and me teaching in a portable, I figured I'd don rain gear today. Don't worry I brought extra shoes. How do you like these galoshes *smile* ?


  1. Love the galoshes! Love the whole outfit actually. And I'm very glad Fay didn't turn out to be worse. Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Your outfit is fetching! Love you, M

  3. Thank you both! You know, I just couldn't resist wearing the galoshes. Rain boots are just so fun and quirky.

  4. Those are the greatest boots I've ever seen. I miss you.


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