Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazing Cloud

I love clouds. I love light. I love sky. I love sunbeams. I saw this cloud driving home from school this week. It was so amazing, I had to pull over and show it to Collin and take a picture of it. Of course, for those who do photography, I'm using my regular old point and shoot digital elph here, but sill got a nice shot-- don't you I think. The light was just right. It was late afternoon, around the magical light time that an artist friend of mine calls God's light. The light behind this cloud really is glorious and Godly isn't it? The beams remind me that even in low moments or on the darkest of days, there's light.


  1. Yes, that picture is awesome!
    Thinking about you a lot as you get ready for school on Monday. You'll be amazing, and your kids will be wonderful and eager and the best you've ever had!
    Love you,

  2. Thanks, Christine! You know I was hanging my READ collage in my room yesterday and this picture of you and Lee is in it : ) love it! and love you too!

  3. What a cool cloud-But what's more is that you took the time to appreciate it's wonder and share it with Collin...
    You are as awesome as that cloud!

    Have a super first day at school!!!


  4. Amazing picture! Thanks for sharing and reminding me to look at the world.


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