Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sync and Connect

Collin and I went to Cypress Creek's first football game this week at Disney's Wide World of Sports stadium. Cypress played a state ranked team from Colorado. Who knew that high school sports are now being turned into "premier high school sporting events"? A company brings teams to Disney to compete. This week it was Monarc high school from Colorado. While the teams were warming up (after a lightening delay), Collin spotted a cool cloud saying, "look at that cool cloud!" I wished I had my camera, but I was able to snap a shot with my cell. The picture doesn't do the cloud justice--it was literally lit up gold from behind and gorgeously outlined and glowing. I was tickled that Collin spotted it! I have just figured out how to pair my cell phone with my MacBook, so this picture, poor as it is, was taken with my cell phone.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blue Skies

We took the Gnu out today for a ride in a local pond. Just up the street from our house is the Hal Scott Preserve. The boat ramp, actually just a dirt easement, was filled with water and the lake was high, but the new motor? Sweet. Sure beats paddling. Collin was a little on edge about alligators. See the little one in the picture above? His tail looks sort of like an abandoned tire (back right) ? One eye is just above the surface (bottom left). Collin loved finding the big snail and seeing minnows and fish. The clouds reflecting off of the lake caught my eye as did the many starlings swooping and skimming the surface -- eating bugs no doubt.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rain Rain Rain

Tropical Storm Fay is stalled out just 30 minutes or so from our house. The rain was constant last night, gusty winds and pelting rain battering the windows. I'm hoping our septic tank holds out...yeesh. So far so good, only the chickens are swamped, but they're still laying eggs! The white birds (Old Salty, Sugar and Honey) are just muddy, drooping with rain.

With so much rain and me teaching in a portable, I figured I'd don rain gear today. Don't worry I brought extra shoes. How do you like these galoshes *smile* ?

Monday, August 18, 2008

As the Rooster Crows

I was up early this morning in anticipation of the first day of school no doubt and what did I hear? Old Salty, our white rooster, crowing away. I'm a little nervous about how noisy he is. Honestly, I think he started crowing around 5 a.m. I'm wondering if my office light woke him up and got him started. Sometimes a little cock-a-doodle-do is nice, but I'm thinking that the neighbors might not appreciate Old Salty so early in the morning!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Amazing Cloud

I love clouds. I love light. I love sky. I love sunbeams. I saw this cloud driving home from school this week. It was so amazing, I had to pull over and show it to Collin and take a picture of it. Of course, for those who do photography, I'm using my regular old point and shoot digital elph here, but sill got a nice shot-- don't you I think. The light was just right. It was late afternoon, around the magical light time that an artist friend of mine calls God's light. The light behind this cloud really is glorious and Godly isn't it? The beams remind me that even in low moments or on the darkest of days, there's light.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Start Your Engines

Richard bought an engine for our Gnu (actually, I'm sure you spell gnu with some variation of Canoe, but the animal version of the word is more fun). When I got home from school on Monday, Richard's grin was in high-beam mode. He had The Mercury 500 in a chicken-feed tub full of water. Eager to show it off to me, he started it up and stood back smiling. The engine got me thinking about school (what doesn't get me thinking about school this week?). Gotta get my engine started!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Profile Widget

Came across this cool profile widget from Big Huge Labs for creating banners out of your flickr photos. I like to make my own banners in Photoshop, but this widget is so easy and quick!This is a banner made from photos of our recent Sanibel beach weekend. I also love that the banner is actually a link to my photostream. Neat.

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