Monday, July 7, 2008

Portable Teacher

I've moved. Yes, I'm changing schools this year. Going from University High to Cypress Creek High School. Who knew I had collected so much stuff in my 10 years at University? The room looked so bare once we got everything on the truck. I'm looking forward to the change, but last night I had my first teaching dream. Something like, the students arrived and I hadn't unpacked and couldn't find a thing. I have a lot to unpack. We filled a 14 foot Uhaul! But it all fit into my new home: Portable 29.

Soon, I'm going to launch a new teaching blog called Portable Teacher. I will be teaching in a portable next year and ideas are portable and I sort of like the idea of a Portable Teacher, ideas you can take along with you--so me and a few friends are going to get together online and start writing. It should be fun. I'm excited to get it started, but I have started the header art yet? Of course not, this evening when I had a few moments, I Stumbled instead and came across Mr. Picasso Head! Which was certainly more fun than moving and nearly as much fun as creating my own Jackson Pollock.

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  1. oh, my. Are you still going to have a reading center? I loved your old classroom. What happened? Why are you moving?


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