Thursday, July 10, 2008

Kids and the Computer

I've been working on a Rick and Collin's vacation video this morning--trying to cut it down to a post-able size. While I'm doing that, Collin's been playing with Pixie. I love this picture he created, so I just had to post it. Plus it got me thinking about kids and computer use. My girlfriend, Kristin, in Tallahassee recently got a computer at home and she was saying the other day how her daughter is obsessed with Webkinz. I know from experience and from what little I've read about children and the Internet, that their first forays online are game oriented. It certainly has been with Collin. I have been trying to steer him away from gaming online lately and towards more creative or instructive sites (though gaming certainly is instructional or can be). He enjoys learning about keyboarding here and I've given him the Flip video camera to explore, but so far we haven't gotten to far with editing or compiling video. I loved that he wanted to draw on the computer this morning and created such a cool picture.

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