Thursday, July 10, 2008

Collin & Rick's Camping & Fishing Adventure

Collin and Rick adventured while I was away for work recently. Thought we'd put together a short video about it! We made the video yesterday, but Rick correct my fish names, so I had to put up the correct version. For some reason Blogger resisted the video re-posting, so I put it up on flickr.

What delighted me about making this video was that Collin did some of the audio by himself. I have been trying to show him how to record and edit using Audacity. Usually when we make a video together, I do most of the editing with him watching. I also question him and record his responses. Sometimes his voice is expressionless when we record that way. So, yesterday I explained expression and showed him (again) how to record/edit. Then I left the room. That was the magic ingredient. When I came back, he'd recorded a bit about fishing with his Dad and he was editing out the "ums" and quiet parts he told me. He got it! How awesome is that?

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