Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wordle Cloud

Wordle is a online application that makes word clouds. You know me and my word art, so this is just so cool. You can type in your own words and it will arrange them or if you use delicious , you can allow wordle to make a tag cloud out of your bookmarks. For those who've never heard of delicious, it's a social bookmarking tool. You post your "favorites" or bookmarks to your delicious page. Why? Because then they are not computer dependent; you can access them from any computer in the world that has an internet connection. Plus you can network in delicious. Once you add folks to your network, you have access to the bookmarks they are posting too! And they are are searchable, organizable, etc. Delicious, like so many Web 2.0 tools, comes with its own vocabulary. When you post a site (bookmark) to your Delicious page, you add tags to the bookmark.
Tags tell a reader/user what category or categories the bookmark falls into; for instance, if I were to bookmark my own blog, I might tag it personal-blogs or family-blogs or just blogs. You create your tag thus creating your own organizationl system for your bookmarks. Tags that have a lot of bookmarked entries are bigger and darker in color that tags containing fewer bookmarks, so you can see when you look at a tag cloud, bookmarking and interesting trends. Here's my Delicious tag cloud that I created in Wordle. Click it to see the large version at Wordle. Can you tell what my interests are lately?

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