Friday, June 27, 2008

Tag Galaxy: Sanibel

Alan Levine posted a Tag Galaxy picture collage about China on his blog which motivated me to check out the new-to-me web 2.0 app. You type in a tag and Tag Galaxy creates a visual, moving, 3-D galaxy of options for you to browse. Click on a planet in the galaxy (labeled with a category) to view that group of images. I almost didn't get to the pictures because I had so much fun playing around with the moving Galaxy. Once you click the planet 'o pictures, you can click each picture to see it full screen. It reminded me of Jeff Han's TED demonstration:
Jeff Han shows off a cheap, scalable multi-touch and pressure-sensitive computer screen interface that may spell the end of point-and-click.
I created a Tag Galaxy image of Sanibel where I'll be heading on Saturday to work on the next level of Janet Allen's Plugged-In to Reading. Of course, the work doesn't look like my Galaxy images, it looks more like the picture below, but still... the island is an amazing place to be.


  1. Miami native here. I knew the island when we still had to take ferry over, no bridge. I was happy to see last year, that the actual island has not changed too much while all else around it is booming with shopping malls. Sanibel has the most unusual light there on the water. Almost translucent.

  2. You have the greatest links on your blog. I have to admit, I steal them and post them on mine. :)

    Have fun on Sanibel and tell Janet I said hi.

    ~Cindy Bertossa

  3. @sparroweye

    the light is wonderful there... I'm going down again in a couple of weeks and I need to make picture time--so many beautiful things to photograph!

  4. @cbw

    I will definitely relay your hellos to Janet! Thanks for the comment and link love : )


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