Friday, June 20, 2008

My Digital Native

Mom babysat for Collin last weekend while I was in Maine working with Plugged-In to Reading writers. She used her cool Nikon to snap shots of Collin playing with the soccer ball in the backyard. I love her camera! I think it's the DX 40, but I may not be remembering the right model. I love even more that Mom emailed me the pictures while I was in amazes me. Collin will never know waiting for film to develop. He'll never know not be able to use a phone from anywhere at anytime. He will never know not being able to look up any piece of information instantly from home or the road on a laptop. He's a digital native. I wonder how that will make him think differently? I wonder how that will shape him as a learner?

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  1. You make me feel very special....thank you for posting my pictures on your blog.
    I enjoy checking in every now and then and catching up with you. Meme


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