Friday, June 13, 2008

Laundry Love

Can I just say that I am in love with my laundry room? Well maybe not love, but certainly heavy like. A few months ago our washer broke. "Our washer" is actually a figurative term meaning the 15 year-old washer that my Mom gave us 7 years ago. It was a great washer for a 22 year-old and we sure appreciated the gift of it when we moved into the house. When it went Rick and I decided to pursue laundry priorities: water efficient, energy efficient and space efficient. We did and though I have to bend down to get the wash, I love the new machines. They are quieter and indeed efficient. Of course the clothes are as clean as the they were with the old washer.

What I love the most about the laundry room now though are the cabinets we put in. Finally, we have a places to put things: cleaning supplies, detergents, sunscreen. We had piles of various and sundry things we shed as we came into the house. Now we have a shoe shelf in the garage and a sunscreen and catch all basket in the laundry cupboard. Something in me is calmed by order. I told my sister in law I'd post a picture of the cabinets. They're cheap, iKea cabinets (the doors cost far more than the cabinets), but they weigh a ton and went together easily. As my Mom would say, they are clean and neat and do the job. I'm enjoying the transformation.

PS: On my brother's advice we used the laundry room to practice installing crown molding. "We" also being a figurative term meaning I only held boards and did the caulking with Rick doing the measuring, cutting and actual installation. Here's a glimpse of Rick's good job along with one of my favorite Collin paintings (Collin and I did it together when he was 2).

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