Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pink Stone Days

Pink Stone Days sparkle. Like crystalline moments, they are the sparkle of memory and dinner table legend. When I was in graduate school, I researched famous writers' diaries/journals. I have a thing for journaling. I loved how Lewis Carroll marked special days with a white stone: "I mark this day most especially with a white stone." My inner-romantic loved the sentiment. The same romantic that loves to say "I'm taking care of my correspondences" instead of "writing letters" or "answering email." Since then, I've marked my own Pink Stone Days.

I've been searching for a blog title for some time and this morning I thought why not "Pink Stone Days"? Though most days are mere pebbles from the rock pile, I thought I'd keep my Pink Stones in mind by giving my blog the name. Pink Stone Days are rare; exquisite days that make our forever-afters. They resonate beyond good, way beyond ordinary; they are the moments we cherish and wish we made more of when all seems lost.

Wouldn't that be a great gift? Just one Pink Stone Day to tuck away and remember for always? What would yours be?

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