Saturday, May 31, 2008

Books for Sale

Collin has just started writing stories and books. Here's one of his Star Wars stories from school. His current project at home is an adventure tale, Captain Tighty Whitey, yes, we've been reading Captain Underpants. Collin loves them, obviously, and is intent on mimicing the humor, drawing and writing in his own book. *yea* He has enjoyed reading this year though I sometimes worry because it is not something he chooses to do during an afternoon at home.

Today he bent to the task of writing after we'd returned from the store. I think he got more thinking and talking about ideas done though than actual writing, but it's a start; he's joining the club.

As I was putting away groceries he asked me about a sentence he was considering. Something about a sign on the character's house or school that would read "But, school is out." Collin wanted to know if he needed an exclamation point. I said sure, he's probably excited that school's out, but Collin didn't mean at the end of the sentence. He meant after the word but. I quickly told him a comma would work there and pantomined the comma shape. Understanding dawned on him as he said "oh yea, the backwards C one." Ah, the comma...

Even better to me was Collin's vision of what he would do with his books once he finished them. He plans to sell them, just so you know, at a stand he wants to build with Rick and position in our driveway. You can imagine how much traffic we get our here in the sticks, but he assured me that the word would get around and that if his buddies thought the books were good then people would come to our house to buy them.

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