Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Awed About Sums it Up

Our Kentucky trip was amazing. Let me just sketch it out and I'll come back later to write the real stories. Wednesday night: arrive at Shelia's house awed by the expanse of green, indoor lap pool, painted murals and super-sized basement play paradise. Thursday: drive through Southern Illinois to Paducah awed by blooming red bud and dogwood trees as well as tulips and my favorite, daffodils; relax on Donna Maria's porches, sip wine and share stories; venture to a tribute dinner at Cynthia's and feel totally celebrated. Friday: wander the quilt show in the morning awed by how quilters transform stitches and fabric into intricate designs; enjoy a catered lunch from Artisan Kitchen at Etc Coffee House while being wowed by Gretchen Smith's story and art demonstration; take a walking tour of Lowertown galleries and meet some really cool artists, among them Bill Renzulli who gave us a fabulous clay monotyping demo and answered all of my burning questions. Wrap that with a light pinor noir (Writer's Block), shared memories , funny stories, porch sitting to the sounds of children playing and birds flitting and you'll have a taste of what we experienced in Paducah. Definitely pink stone days.

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