Friday, March 21, 2008

Photoshop Brushes

Photoshop brushes are amazing. Months ago a friend mentioned how cool they were. Sara said she could waste hours of writing time playing with these brushes and altering photographs. I saw a few of the photos she or Michael had altered and was intrigued. I've been in a collage art phase here, still tinkering with animals, maps, color, scraps and rub ons. When I have time, it's relaxing to play in my office/studio and make art as Collin says. My friend Jennifer introduced me to rub-ons--they are much cooler now than they were when we were kids! You can get all kinds of tribal, celtic, scrollworkish rub-ons. Sometimes they are just the right thing for a small corner of something I'm making. But what to do when you run out? Make more! You can order almost anything from the Internet and I discovered last week that I could order rub-on (decal) paper. For about $25 you get 5 sheets of decal paper and 5 sheets of adhesive. I've been experimenting with the photoshop brushes on the rub-on paper-- I think I've figured out how to maximize the shapes on the page.

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