Friday, February 22, 2008

Titles, titles

I'm title-challenged. Titles actually stop me in my tracks. For instance, I'd like to start a podcast show--you know record musings perhaps weekly that I can broadcast on blog or upload to iTunes. Not that I would have much of an audience, but I'd like to think through my ideas and you never know... sharing ideas always engenders more. I'd like to start a podcast show, but I can't think of a title. I've been playing around with the idea for months and I'm still stuck. Here's a short list of titles that have caught my fancy:

Literally Speaking
Technically Speaking
Literally Yours
Technically Yours
Teacher Talk
Room 222
Literacy Matters
Inside Teaching

The list goes on. I just searched several of the titles in Google and they are all being used by someone... for instance, I got 17,000 hits from "literacy matters" and over 99,000 for "literally speaking." Of course, Room 222 used to be a television show in its own right-- I like the idea but that title doesn't really speak to me either.

In my frustration, I decided to search the web for a title generator. Amazingly there are over 2 million title generators online. Who knew?

For fun I plugged some words into Fiction Alley's title generator: bright, thinking, books, on, busy, mind, ideas, a literacy, speaking. These words rendered these random titles:

Title One: bright books on busy ideas
Title Two: a busy literacy
Title Three: a mind on bright books
Title Four: bright literacy
Title Five: a speaking mind
Title Six: thinking ideas
Title Seven: speaking books
Title Eight: busy thinking
Title Nine: thinking for ideas
Title Ten: speaking and thinking

I kind of like Literacy Bright (like a play on that old Lite Bright toy) or Literally Bright, hmm... that's interesting, but too much like the Smart Girl label I got tagged with at school. !Ay Caramba! These titles. Do you have any ideas?

Bye for now!


PS: I also found a job title generator --quite amusing. I might have to start using one of the new titles it gave me:

Lee Ann Spillane, Analog Education Tutor

Lee Ann Spillane, Real-time Phenomenon Advocate

Lee Ann Spillane, Psychoactive Research Diety

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  1. Hello, Psychoactive Research Deity. :)
    I'm equally bad at titles, though I liked some of the ones you came up with.
    It is kind of like being back at the writing project. Thanks for introducing me to the idea!


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