Saturday, February 2, 2008

Saturday Night Live

Collin's buddies, Jack and Robert, are spending the night. After playing inside for a couple of hours, building legos, running cars around, playing chess (yes, chess of all things), I shooed the boys out to basketballs or soccer--crickets and sunsets. Of course I thought of late afternoons on Darcey drive when all of the Moms in the neighborhood seemed bent on barring the kids from the door until dinner. The Sullivan's six o'clock supper bell still rings in my memory.

Robert, Jack and Collin all groaned, much like I'm sure we did as kids, I'm sure. They begged to come in, but I didn't relent. After about ten minutes they were playing away--some combination of football and basketball in the driveway. That or they were bombing the fire ants with balls.

At one point, I glanced out of my office window and saw them running around the drive with their shirts pulled up over their heads. I laughed out loud. My first thought? Cone heads from Saturday Night Live seven-year-old style. Of course, I had to grab the camera. Kids are so funny to watch. Once they came in and I got dinner going they re-discovered the old swing set. Before rushing out though Robert begged for a bath. Indeed, he loves our bathtub. He wanted to take a bath before dinner. I had to laugh--and of course promise that the bath would be there after dinner... complete with bubbles and jets!

They monkey'd around outside for another hour at least and played bats. Thankfully the animal and not baseball kind. Hanging upside down, their faces turning all shades of red, they competed to see who could hang upside down the longest. Remember those days? Jack even came in and requested that I take pictures (those didn't come out as well...too many poles in the way). At some point I realized that they were all outside sock footed--well all except Robert, he had one sock on and one foot bare. Before dinner, they peeled those socks off like their feet were bananas and came in for pizza. Boys, such fun they are.

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