Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thank You Cards

Today was a pink stone day. Collin had a play date with friends and brothers, Robert & Jack, and I had an art day with their mom, Jennifer. I made four thank you cards! I started with torn bits from a cast off copy of Hard Times. Then I used water soluble oil pastels to color around and on the text bits. I just discovered these crayons, so I've been experimenting. You rub/color and then I wet a q-tip and swab the color around. You can even layer color on top of color: swirls, flourishes, scratch designs. Those became my backgrounds and really at first they looked kind of funny--like the red flame one that's yet unfinished.

I'd found an old Atlas book of maps recently and decided I could probably rip it up and buy a new one if need be--what with map quest and GPS we hardly use our Atlas anymore. With some neat map shapes, I thought quirky animals might be fun.

I have a big Copyright free ANIMALS book of black and white animals that I used to use for drawing, but with internet images so accessible I rarely use it for ideas even, so why not cut it up too? Indeed I did-- Jennifer and Robert even got in on the animals adding creatures to their pieces of art.

What fun it is to scissor, glue and glitz things together. Jen brought a bag of her scrapbook things and I absolutely loved using this tribal kind of transparency (see Penguin and Giraffe cards). I like the dimension layering with transparencies creates. I layered: paper bits, transparent images, rub-ons, ribbon and such. Then I outlined things in a heavy gold oil crayon I recently found at Pearl's. I also like outlining in glitter which I did to all of the fun animals. That and some gold flake, ribbon and corners and I was finished. We spent much of the day in my office/art studio playing, talking, listening to music and our kids laugh... like I said it was a pink stone sorta day.

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